Role of Soar for Managed Service Security Provider (MSSP)

08.07.2020 Read
Role of Soar for Managed Service Security Provider (MSSP)

Automation for MSSP

MSSP reduces the cost of each incident. However, SOAR offers customizable playbooks that automate various manual and mundane actions that result in mitigating the involvement of manpower. Since the cybersecurity skill gap is already widening, the role of automation or SOAR is commendable. Usually, MSSP eliminates manually maintaining and writing incident response procedures and customer playbooks. Whereas, SOAR creates a library of customizable, dedicated, and granular playbooks for every individual customer.

Multitenant Solution for MSSP

Typically, MSSP can provide a dedicated virtual SOC to its customers along with critical security requirements or data segregation. On the other hand, with SOAR, you can deploy a multi-tenant solution that allows granular role-based access. With this functionality, clients or enterprises can have their own dedicated virtual incident responders or Computer Security and Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

Configuration Manager

SOAR playbooks provide updates to the entire customer-base of MSSPs so that new threats can be addressed. SOAR playbooks automatically detect and respond to cybersecurity threats and attacks. The configuration manager centrally configures rule updates and playbook.

Global Dashboard for MSSP

SOAR offers a global dashboard that enables MSSP analysts to have incidents’ visibility across multiple customers or clients. In fact, the dashboard offers a wide view of various activities and multiple integrated tools. At the same time, MSSP analysts can watch multiple incidents and they can work on the individual incident. Using a dashboard, MSSP practitioners can deal with a specific group of clients whom they are authorized to support.

Final World (Conclusion)

After a thorough analysis of this article, it has been realized that role of SOAR for MSSP is commendable. Why? In fact, today’s cybersecurity threats are very sophisticated and fast. Organizations prefer deploying multiplayer security to save millions of dollars. It is rightly said, “Better safe than sorry.” It is wise to less spend on cybersecurity to prevent the big loss. SOAR offers MSSP an automation, orchestration, dashboard, and configuration manager to enhance its capabilities, reduces the involvement of human beings; save budget and time.

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