Find the Correct MSSP or Build an Efficient SOC? (Part 2)

30.09.2020 Read
Find the Correct MSSP or Build an Efficient SOC?

Build an Efficient SOC

Many organizations don’t rely on outsourced security solutions such as MSSP. Rather, they prefer building their own SOC to combat nefarious cybersecurity threats and attacks. However, it is vital to know how an effective SOC is built and what should be its essential security ingredients.  Generally, an effective SOC involves:

  • People: It incorporates SOC analysts, incident responders or CSIRT
  • Processes: Knowing how to efficiently investigate and manage a security incident.
  • Technology: It includes essential security tools Such as SIEM and SOAR system that can help deal with security incidents.

The Role of SIEM in SOC

SIEM system is an ideal foundation for the SOC as it operates quickly and autonomously. The SIEM technology interfaces with all security controls and systems and functions in a way that SOC analysts and stakeholders want it to be.

Since SIEM is a security log management system, it collects logs, security alerts, and security events into a centralized location that allows SOC analysts or CSIRT to efficiently analyze data. The collection of incident data centrally from all devices on the network provides one dataset for SOC analysts to carry out their investigation, instead of going through each system. After the occurrence of the security incident, the SIEM solution makes for a foundational entity in the SOC in conduction the forensic analysis. In fact, the SOC compliments the SIEM technology by offering the resources needed, such as security operational analysts who conduct a forensic investigation.

By integrating a SIEM into the SOC, organizations can enhance their cyber defense and realize a highly favorable Return On Investment (ROI).

In addition, having a SIEM in a SOC can allow SOC analysts to better perform threat intelligence, which combines the internal security sources with the global threat intelligence in a real-time. Logsign SIEM counts threat intelligence data in correlation. It provides early threat detection and response in real-time and prioritize threat intelligence data and minimizes risks. Moreover, it also prevents false positives through advanced correlation capability.

More importantly, using a dashboard, SIEM creates visualization to let SOC analysts review event data, identify patterns, and anomalies. With Logsign SIEM’s dashboard, SOC analysts can use the default dashboard and widgets to monitor systems and networks in real-time. Interestingly, SOC analysts can build their own dashboards for new or ad-hoc requirements.

Traditionally, individual systems generate millions of alerts and most of them are false positives. The SIEM technology can provide meaningful alerts based on learned behavior patterns of users, along with data analysis against threat models that investigate patterns for outsider threats (e.g., like malware) and insider threats (e.g., account elevation, lateral movement, and exfiltration).

The Role of SOAR in a SOC

Like SIEM, the role of SOAR in a SOC is also indispensable. For example, your SOC may involve many security tools such as IDS, IPS, firewalls, and so on. Managing results and reports of each tool manually is a daunting task. However, if you use a SOAR tool, you can make integration and view each of these tools in a single pane or screen, which is a must comfortable for the SOC team.

More importantly, your SOAR can help reduce the cyber skills gap. SOAR’s automation can reduce the involvement of manpower by performing many tasks automatically that are otherwise required to perform by SOC analysts.

Also, SOAR can reduce false positives by automatically addressing low-level alerts. In fact, SOAR incorporates real-time threat intelligence that makes it possible to automatically identify and reject false positive alerts before they ever reach SOC analysts.


Are you an organization or looking for the right cybersecurity solution for your company? Making a choice might be difficult for you due to a lot of trending security products that don’t guarantee effective cybersecurity of your critical information assets. People are also confused about whether to find the correct MSSP or build an efficient SOC. Whether you look for MSSP or SOC, you will find the importance of both SIEM and SOAR technologies.

To complete your information security journey, we offer a next-gen SIEM and SOAR solutions that can work independently or can be integrated as well. Having the right set of tools can ensure that your organization is protected against cybersecurity risks, such as financial, compliance, or reputational risks that can badly disrupt your business continuity.